Used Cooking Oil (UCO)

Our UCO Services

We contract with food service establishments to collect used fat or vegetable oil in our clean, sanitary containers. Our customer-oriented teams use a state of the art vacuum system to transfer the oil from the customers’ location to the plant. There the oil is converted to biofuel or blended with petroleum diesel to create biodiesel fuel. 100% of all collected oil is recycled.

With an in-house dedicated fleet of vacuum pump trucks and pick-up trucks we currently offer service in 7 states including Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Arkansas, and Kentucky with a plan to expand across the entire Southern U.S. in the coming months.

About Our UCO Subsidiary

Our UCO subsidiary, Agrileum Environmental Services (AES) is a socially and environmentally conscious firm dedicated to creating a greener, more affordable fuel source. Founded by green fuel industry veterans, AES delivers exceptional value and service to the food-service industry through our commitment to the community, economy, and the environment. We are dedicated to building a network of partner relationships that strengthens the foundation for a sustainable future.

“Green” Vision For A Better America

  • Primary mission is to recycle waste into fuel that reduces America’s dependence on foreign oil 100%

  • Vertically integrated so has full visibility into where the grease is going and like most other third-party recyclers does not take the grease to rendering plants

Best-In-Class Customer Service

  • Use state of the art proprietary theft proof and sanitary containers to store customers’ used cooking oil  

  • Collection trucks use “no-spill” vacuum system to pick up  

  • De-grease tanks on every oil pick-up and offer 2 free power-wash services a year to make sure the area and the bin are clean   

  • Offer a no-call automated routing system for regular service visits  

  • Responsive to customers with a 24 hr issue resolution window and on-time collection visits  

  • Integrated proprietary CRM system that ensures accuracy in all our accounting and processing

Environmental & Social Responsibility

  • Every restaurant can display a green certificate that 100% of their used cooking oil is recycled into biodiesel.  

  • Agrileum donates 2 cents to a local charity for every gallon sold including St Jude’s, Lebonheur Children’s Medical Center, and March of Dimes.

About Town Bartending

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  • About Town Bartending was prompt, professional, and a big hit at our party! Thanks!
    About Town Bartending was prompt, professional, and a big hit at our party! Thanks!


  • Cool bars, great beverage selection, awesome staff. Loved it!!
    Cool bars, great beverage selection, awesome staff. Loved it!!